Artist Julie "Juicebox" Woodard splits her time between mountain trails and the streets of Philadelphia. 

Using salvaged textiles and found materials, Julie creates wearable pieces, impressionistic landscapes, abstract terrains, and functional sculptures that convey her passion for nature, memory, and creative reuse. What began as a way to honor her late mom and repurpose family heirlooms, her collections now also feature vintage goods, damaged textiles donated by community members, cutting room remnants, and street debris.

Julie’s artistic practice is rooted in the tension between holding on and letting go, of memorialization and detachment. A self-proclaimed 'doula of discarded things,' she transforms both trash and sentimental scraps into kinetic compositions of texture and light. Her process incorporates elements of collage, applique, embroidery, quilting, painting, printmaking, and sculpture. The "juice" is the joy Julie seeks to create and the "box" is her platform for storytelling and advocacy. Every piece has a story. Every textile is repurposed with purpose.

Julie has created one-of-a-kind capsule collections for Au Boulot Workwear and her wearable designs have been showcased by Woolrich, Inc. She was the Fall 2022 Featured Artist for FABSCRAP Philadelphia, is an alumna of NextFab's Artisan Accelerator program, and has displayed work at various retail and gallery spaces in Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Denver, and beyond. Following a strong interest in site-specific public works, her latest projects include Pockets of Light, an interactive installation along the Delaware River Waterfront, and an immersive oceanic reading "nook" for the 2023 Fringe/Cannonball Festival's presentation of Read Me A World.

Some of Julie's favorite commissions are projects where clients provide personal artifacts to be workshopped into a custom piece. She has worked with everything from vintage wedding dresses, to baby clothes, to t-shirt collections and hole-filled sweaters, and is honored to help others pay tribute to special people, places, and occasions by breathing art into old things.

Julie is also a teaching artist, writer and song catcher. In addition to stories, many of her visual works are translated into original music. She is in the early stages of developing a multimedia exhibition that incorporates textiles, sculpture, and song.

Collaborations, public projects, requests for workshops, and textile donations are welcome.

Recent Exhibitions & Public Installations

   2024 Furnished for Good, Cherry Street Pier, Philadelphia, PA

   2024 Flood Zone, Da Vinci Art Alliance, Philadelphia, PA

   2024 Over the Mantle, Capricorn Books, Jenkintown, PA

   2024 Unfamiliar, University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA

   2024 Trail of Love, Street Art Installation, Philadelphia, PA

             2023 Perennial Visions, Da Vinci Art Alliance, Philadelphia, PA

   2023 Under $100, Under $1000: Works by Philly Artists, Philadelphia Magic Gardens, Philadelphia, PA

   2023 Pockets of Light, Delaware River Waterfront, Philadelphia, PA

   2023 Read Me A World, Liberty Lands Park, Philadelphia, PA

   2023 Collage Philadelphia, The Look Listen, Philadelphia, PA

   2023 When the Light Comes In, Da Vinci Art Alliance, Philadelphia, PA

   2023 Up to Us, The Look Listen, Philadelphia, PA

   2023 Environment, University Museum, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, PA

   2023 Walking The Edge, Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education, Philadelphia, PA

   2023 reCreate Gallery Featured Artist, The Resource Exchange, Philadelphia, PA

   2022-2023 Featured Artist, FABSCRAP, Philadelphia, PA   

   2022 Featured Artist, Rays Reusables, Philadelphia, PA

   2022 Artisan Accelerator Showcase, Next Fab, Philadelphia, PA

   2022 Featured Artist, Cultivaire Plant Store, Philadelphia, PA

   2021-2022 Accumulation, Good Buy Supply, Philadelphia, PA

   2021 Small Works Show, Black Moth Tattoo and Gallery, Ardmore, PA