Julie "Juicebox" Woodard is a multidisciplinary artist based in Philadelphia.

Using repurposed textiles, Julie creates wearable pieces and expressionistic landscapes that convey her passion for nature, memory, and creative reuse. Her work integrates textiles inherited from 3 generations of family, vintage goods, damaged textiles donated from community members, and even some reclaimed trash. Her materials reflect a commitment to developing work that tells meaningful stories, celebrates wilderness, provokes conversations about consumption, and generates zero waste.

Every piece has a story. Every textile is repurposed with purpose.

This ethos extends into her songwriting, where her music chronicles her awe of the natural world, experiences with loss and love, social injustice, and the pursuit of joy. She explores these universal themes through lyrical metaphors ranging from fairy tales to mountain climbing, and dabbles in a variety of stringed instruments.

Julie also enjoys ceramics, collage, book structures, and printmaking, and holds a MA in Museum Education.

Commissions, public projects, and textile donations are welcome. Clients are invited to provide their own heirloom textiles to be incorporated into a custom piece.